Today on my bus we started to talk about tomato's and my brother and I started saying it was a fruit, but almost everyone on our bus (I won't mention names) said it was a vegetable. So we started arguing about it all the way to school and then we rushed into school and I asked my friend Matthew to look it up in the dictionary on his computer. Here is the definition... a glossy red, or occasionally yellow, pulpy edible fruit that is typically eaten as a vegetable or in salad. Comment below and tell me what you think,is a tomato a fruit or vegetable?
03/22/2010 12:17am

I personally think tomato is a vegetable, just because we use it for vegetable salad. But you did show evidence from the dictionary that tomato is a fruit. I am impressed you guys are being inquirers.

03/23/2010 4:05am

Tomato is a vegitable. Mr Jake said it is a vegitable

dominique Schuddeboom
03/31/2010 10:05pm

tomato is a vegiable

06/07/2010 5:44am

Tomato is a fruit but every body thinks that it is a vegatable. It is confusing but true


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