The iPad was recently announced on January 27 2010. I have mixed feelings about it. I think that partly it is just a big iPod Touch, but I also think that with it's larger screen that it will be great for E-Mail, Web Surfing, Movies and Games. I would like to get one to try it out but I probably won't get it anytime soon. There are already apps for the iPad on the App Store and it just makes me want one even more. Also you guys know Pages, Keynote and Numbers right? Those will be on the iPad and they look really cool. What do you think of the iPad? Do you want one? Do you think it is just a big iPod Touch? Are you going to get one? Leave a comment giving your opinion on the iPad.
04/23/2010 12:25am

I think the new iPad sounds like a mix of an iPod Touch and a mini MacBook, with the pages, keynote, and other applications. I am probably not going to get it YET, even though it sounds like a really cool thing to have.


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