Today we went to the Jewish Synagogue, a lady named Anna Van de Berg took us inside. We sat down inside and she told us about the Tora and the history the the Synagogue. The Japanese used the synagogue has a storehouse and a stable. The Japanese destroyed everything inside so they had to restore it. We got to see the scrolls of the Tora. It was really cool. The men and women are separated so as to not distract each other so the men sit on the bottom and the women sit on the second floor.

Here is a link to the Synagogue
Today we went on a field trip to a Hindu temple in Happy Valley. When we got there we had to be quiet because people were praying in the upstairs area. When we got up the stairs we had to take off our shoes because they believe that it keeps the place clean if you don't wear shoes into the temple, After about thirty seconds of waiting a man invited us inside. We went inside and sat down,we sat there for a couple of minutes watching people praying and ringing bells until the man came back. The he started talking about the Hindu religion.