I think my group did really well with the exhibition. At the beginning of the exhibition we had a rough start but then we started working better as a group. At the exhibition we did a good job explaining our action and showing our work. As an individual I don't think I did that well. I wasn't as helpful as I could have been and sometimes I wasn't very cooperative. Next time I have a project like this I think I can do a lot better. I can help out more and be better at getting work done. Also being more productive during the time the teachers give so we can work.
Omer and Dawson Smile for a photo with there presentation.
Oscar with the car pollution group hands out one of the games they have made.
Omer Blogging at the Bloggers table.
Below is a video of of Tristan interviewing the Pink Dolphins 1 group.
I gave myself a 3 on cooperation because I wasn't always cooperative and was sometimes helpful. I gave myself a 2 o productivity because at the very start of the year I wasn't productive and off task most of the time. I gave myself a 3 for organization because I was organized and had my work done most of the time. I gave myself a 4 on planning because I was one of the people who was always helping with planning. I gave myself a 3 on communication because I wasn't always in contact with my group and my mentor.
My group for the exhibition is the Wasting Electricity group, Matthew and Andrew are in my group. I think that my group is working semi well but sometimes we get off track. We are working on our journals and trying to brainstorm some solutions that we do, we are thinking about doing some kind of HKA earth hour or something. I think it has been going well even though people from my group have been way off task and sometimes do not help the other two of us. I hope that we can brainstorm some ideas for our solution. We have been working on our Wiki and trying to update our process page everyday.
Please take our exhibition groups survey by clicking HERE. This survey will help us with our research so if you could please fill it out when you have time it would help us a lot thanks!
We are working on making a central idea for our Exhibition, and were asked to make up our own or choose the one we liked and thought was good so I chose this one.... Thanks to Erin, Alice, Dorothy, Bryn, Matthew, Dom, Lulu and Leonardo for writing this one. We try to help problems that are at stake.
We try and share all our resources that are finite,
as we take action and responsibility as a community.