Mandarin - This year in Mandarin I have improved a lot, I think my Mandarin tutor has definitely contributed to my improvement. In mandarin I used to get in trouble a lot and now I don't get in trouble quite as much. I have been doing very well on my dictations as well. My mandarin tutor has helped me study and really given me good ways to help with memorizing characters and phrases.

Music - This year in music I didn't enjoy it very much. I didn't practice and was not very enthusiastic. I did not choose band for next year though I chose voice which will be very different than band. I hope that my experience in band will help me when my kids are playing instruments so that I am able to help them.

Typing - Typing is not my favorite part of school and I'm not very good at it. I am really behind in typing but I'm trying to catch up to everyone else. I am very slow at typing and make a lot of errors but I am trying to practice more and get better. I finished only at level twenty and now typing is over. I still am practicing typing when I type blog posts and e-mails. 

Blogging - This year I was so excited to get Andy as my teacher because I heard that he likes technology. When he told us we were creating blogs I was very excited. But I haven't been blogging that much this year and I'm disappointed that I don't have much on my blog. Next year if we get to have blogs I am going to try to blog a lot more. I am very excited to get to keep my blog and be able to show my friends and family.

Math - Math this year has been tough, but my teacher Shane had been helping me though it. I have really improved in math this year and I hope to get even better next year since Shane is moving up with the Grade 5's to middle school and will be our math and science teacher next year. I think that my math sills have doubled over the past year and think I have been doing very well. One think I could improve on is bringing in my homework on time and turning it in.
I think my group did really well with the exhibition. At the beginning of the exhibition we had a rough start but then we started working better as a group. At the exhibition we did a good job explaining our action and showing our work. As an individual I don't think I did that well. I wasn't as helpful as I could have been and sometimes I wasn't very cooperative. Next time I have a project like this I think I can do a lot better. I can help out more and be better at getting work done. Also being more productive during the time the teachers give so we can work.
Omer and Dawson Smile for a photo with there presentation.
Oscar with the car pollution group hands out one of the games they have made.
Omer Blogging at the Bloggers table.
Below is a video of of Tristan interviewing the Pink Dolphins 1 group.
I gave myself a 3 on cooperation because I wasn't always cooperative and was sometimes helpful. I gave myself a 2 o productivity because at the very start of the year I wasn't productive and off task most of the time. I gave myself a 3 for organization because I was organized and had my work done most of the time. I gave myself a 4 on planning because I was one of the people who was always helping with planning. I gave myself a 3 on communication because I wasn't always in contact with my group and my mentor.
A couple of days ago we had our unit 7 math assessment. I chose this page to show because I found it easy. In math I want to improve on handing in my homework on time or at all. I also want to improve on my multiplication because I am not as good at it as I would like to be. I can try to keep more organized at home so I don't forget to do it or forget it at home. Picture Inside...

On Tuesday I had my parent teacher conference. I showed my mom my PTC blog post. We talked about my homework and my writing and my blogging and other stuff. One of my weaknesses was my homework and how I don’t hand it in. I agree that I would do more blogging and try to hand in my homework. My mom was asking about my homework and blogging. I thought my conference went okay but is was quite boring. My mom was interested in my writing. I wish it wasn’t so long. My parent teacher conference went well I think my mom was impressed with my writing. 

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Welcome to my parent teacher conference blog post. This is a post about my past and future goals, writing and a whole lot more.

This year I think I have improved on my writing a lot I used to hate writing and didn't do it very well. Here is a piece writing that was from the beginning of the year that I don't think is my best piece of writing there are a lot of parts that are hard to understand and very confusing. Here is a piece of writing that I think is my best piece so far, I think this is my best piece because I was being reflective and using good detail to show my feelings about my groups work.

I have three main goals. I would like to improve on turning in my homework on time, I haven't been consistent on turning in my homework to Andy in class or Shane in math.
My mandarin I want to improve my attitude and effort toward it and the teacher.
I also want to keep moving with my blog and really try to post more like maybe one very day.

This year we have had a lot of units of inquiry. The one I was the best at was who we are where we studied the many religions, went on field trips to the the places of worship and wrote an essay about it later. I think I did really well on my essay comparing the Tanakh and the Bible.


A couple of weeks ago Andy asked us to revisit our learner profiles from the beginning of the year.
We were to look at them and think about if they had changed I changed two but left one. Here is the most recent post of the learner profiles.

This year in math I think I have improved so much. I think the $1,000,000 blog post was my best pice of math it took me like 2 hours to finish but it was really fun.
Thank you for reading my Parent Teacher Conference blog post. I hope you enjoyed learning about what I have learned this year! I look forward to meeting my goals and improving my work. 
Hope you guys are having an awesome spring break! I am looking foward to reading your posts! Check out my forum here, here you can discuss things and ask questions and talk about work. Have an AWESOME spring break!
I made these on night editing them in photoshop. I know there not thet good but i just wanted to put them out there.
Windows or Mac, which do you prefer? Both operating system's have there ups and downs but which one is better? The world will probably never know because everyone has a different opinion. I personally like mac better but I am using windows to post this. Windows has it's Microsoft Office but Mac has it's iWork. Windows has Windows 7 but Mac has Mac OS X Leopard. These os's are pretty evenly matched but in different markets. Mac OS X is used by college and the everyday user, and Windows is used usually used for work and business. But which is better? What do you think? Fill it in!