My class went to camp on Monday 20 October and came back on the 23. We took a bus to the ferry port and took the ferry to Tung Lung Island. When we arrived at Tung Lung Island we got our bags and carried them to the campsite (it was a long walk and our bags were heavy so it made it even worse). When we got to the campsite we all dumped our bags on the floor and took a rest. Then we had a meeting about camp and about all the guidelines for camp. After that we got into our tent groups (my group was Oscar, Erik, Bryn and I) and put up our tents. Finally we had lunch, after being starved to death we ate sandwiches. I had a ham and cheese sandwich. Next we did group activities that was okay, it was better than the hike up there. Group activities lasted until dinner and purple cobras cooked pasta with tuna in it, it wasn't that good. Unfortunately after that it was time for bed.

The next day we woke up and had a morning briefing, next we ate breakfast. We then did the practice abseil which was really fun. We also did rock climbing which would have been more fun if I hadn't have had to go to the bathroom the entire time. We did the tyrolean traverse and it was fun, the tyrolean traverse is a line like a zip-line and your supposed to pull yourself across but we jumped of the platform and it kinda pulled us part of the way and we just pulled ourself at the end.

The next day we did the real abseil and it was even more fun than the practice round. All the groups made a skit and had to present them and they were all very funny. The star challenge was next and it was basically a bunch of activities that you had to complete to win points and whoever got the most points won. On the last day we did cleaning service, a hike back to the ferry port and went home.