Beach Party Round 2

On Wednesday 14th of October there was a beach party round 2. The first beach party there was rain so a lot of people didn't come, that's why we had beach party round 2! Still most people did come but a few did not. We played in the water a bit and then we played volleyball which was kinda lame. I thought it was lame because nobody could get it over the net and we couldn't get a good rally going. After that we played in the water for a while, during that little while we started throwing sand at each other so we formed teams and started a war. At the beginning there were the British the Germans and there was a group that wasn't really named. I was in the group that isn't named. In the end part of the British surrendered to my group they were... Andrew and Oscar. Leo, Louis and Jasper went over to the Germans who consisted of Dominique and them. In the end of the war Leo had left and it was Dominique, Jasper and Louis. Dom and I had to leave because our ride had arrived. Everyone else continued the war when we left so at the very end I beleive it was Louis and Jasper against Andrew, Oscar, Dawson and Harrison. That's how the beach party ended pretty much.

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