Today we had artists and residents with an artist named Miguel. We planned for a big sculpture we re making of a rainbow serpent. We are making it out of recycled supplies like empty water bottles, cereal boxes etc... We had to think of what we could make with what like we could make the eyes with bottle caps. I thought it was like a regular art lesson which I don't really like. I thought we could make the tongue out of twisted wire, the eyes of bottle caps etc...We have three more lessons to go and we have to start on it tomorrow, and I don't think were gonna get this done by the end of the week.

11/09/2009 4:00am

I think you did really good on the writing because you descraibed every subject you were talking about.

11/09/2009 4:33am

Thomas I like your mind in planning when I was sitting by you, you had some good ideas so yeah it is going to be a great week and we will all have fun !

11/09/2009 5:04am

I'm sure we'll get it finished by the end of the week. It is amazing what a group of people can do when they all work together!

11/09/2009 5:41pm

great blog Thomas i like you're backround


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