Mandarin - This year in Mandarin I have improved a lot, I think my Mandarin tutor has definitely contributed to my improvement. In mandarin I used to get in trouble a lot and now I don't get in trouble quite as much. I have been doing very well on my dictations as well. My mandarin tutor has helped me study and really given me good ways to help with memorizing characters and phrases.

Music - This year in music I didn't enjoy it very much. I didn't practice and was not very enthusiastic. I did not choose band for next year though I chose voice which will be very different than band. I hope that my experience in band will help me when my kids are playing instruments so that I am able to help them.

Typing - Typing is not my favorite part of school and I'm not very good at it. I am really behind in typing but I'm trying to catch up to everyone else. I am very slow at typing and make a lot of errors but I am trying to practice more and get better. I finished only at level twenty and now typing is over. I still am practicing typing when I type blog posts and e-mails. 

Blogging - This year I was so excited to get Andy as my teacher because I heard that he likes technology. When he told us we were creating blogs I was very excited. But I haven't been blogging that much this year and I'm disappointed that I don't have much on my blog. Next year if we get to have blogs I am going to try to blog a lot more. I am very excited to get to keep my blog and be able to show my friends and family.

Math - Math this year has been tough, but my teacher Shane had been helping me though it. I have really improved in math this year and I hope to get even better next year since Shane is moving up with the Grade 5's to middle school and will be our math and science teacher next year. I think that my math sills have doubled over the past year and think I have been doing very well. One think I could improve on is bringing in my homework on time and turning it in.