My group for the exhibition is the Wasting Electricity group, Matthew and Andrew are in my group. I think that my group is working semi well but sometimes we get off track. We are working on our journals and trying to brainstorm some solutions that we do, we are thinking about doing some kind of HKA earth hour or something. I think it has been going well even though people from my group have been way off task and sometimes do not help the other two of us. I hope that we can brainstorm some ideas for our solution. We have been working on our Wiki and trying to update our process page everyday.
In the beginning  of the school year as a student of 5AB we made pages with pictures of ourselves and three learner profiles we thought we were. My choices were... Thinker, Knowledgeable and Balanced. I think now I am more reflective than knowledgeable since I have gotten in trouble a lot since I have been in Hong Kong and have reflected upon that and tried harder to stay more focused.

Please take our exhibition groups survey by clicking HERE. This survey will help us with our research so if you could please fill it out when you have time it would help us a lot thanks!
Today on my bus we started to talk about tomato's and my brother and I started saying it was a fruit, but almost everyone on our bus (I won't mention names) said it was a vegetable. So we started arguing about it all the way to school and then we rushed into school and I asked my friend Matthew to look it up in the dictionary on his computer. Here is the definition... a glossy red, or occasionally yellow, pulpy edible fruit that is typically eaten as a vegetable or in salad. Comment below and tell me what you think,is a tomato a fruit or vegetable?
Today we talked about our exhibition. Our parents came and our teachers Andy and Shane told them about the process. After that we did some snap research which means quick research. My subject that I want to work on is electricity, wasting electricity is a problem so I want to try to take action. My friend Matthew wanted to do electricity also so we might be in a group for the exhibition. Tomorrow we are choosing our groups so I hope I get electricity.
How would you spend $1,000,000? You must spend all your money. You must spend it on at least five items. You need to give the amounts that you will spend on each thing, as well as the percentage and fractional equivalent. 

I would spend $8,000 on a trip to Beijing . 0.8% 8/1,000 
I would spend $20,000 on a MacBook Pro. 2% 20/1,000
I would give $382,700 to charity. 38.27% 3827/10,000
I would spend $2,500 on an iPhone 0.25% 25/10,000
I would spend $6,500 on an iPad 0.65% 65/10,000
I would spend $16,000 on an iMac 1.6% 16/1,000
I would spend $2,000 on an iPod Classic 0.2% 2/1,000
I would spend $3,200 on an iPod Touch 0.32 % 32/10,000
I would spend $3,500 on a Surround Sound Speaker System 0.35% 35/10000
I would spend $40,000 on a TV 4% 40/1000
I would spend $3,500 on a DVD Home Theatre System 0.35% 35/10000
I would spend $3,200 on a Playstation 3 0.32% 32/10000
I would spend $3,200 on a XBOX 360 0.32% 32/10000
I would spend $25,700 on a Mac Pro 2.57% 257/10000
I would spend $500,000 on a small apartment in Hong Kong 50% 500/1000
We are working on making a central idea for our Exhibition, and were asked to make up our own or choose the one we liked and thought was good so I chose this one.... Thanks to Erin, Alice, Dorothy, Bryn, Matthew, Dom, Lulu and Leonardo for writing this one. We try to help problems that are at stake.
We try and share all our resources that are finite,
as we take action and responsibility as a community.
Last Friday we had sports day. Sports day is when we have a bunch of activities like the long jump and the sack race etc... My favorite activity was the Buckets of Fun were you had to take a sponge and had to transfer it to your bucket  and whoever had the most water in there bucket at the end wins. We had our lunch while watching the staff vs. parents tug of war. At the end we watched the races between all the grades then watched the MS staff vs. the 10th grade students tug of war. In all the tug of war the staff always won. It was a really fun day and I can't wait till next year! We all had "House Groups" With were the Orange Tigers, the Green Pandas, the Red Phoenix, and the Blue Dragons. My class were the Blue Dragons, so we all wore blue! We made up a chant at the last minute but I personally didn't like it.