In math class we have been working on our unit assessment. The problem I found to be the hardest was an open response question, you had to find a fraction for each box and all of them had to add up to one. Then you had to write down how you got the fraction for part F which wasn't that hard, then you had to answer a question that asked you to list a combination of parts that make up 2/3 of the whole. I found this hard because I'm not good with fractions and equivalent fractions.
This is my essay that I wrote. It is a compare and contrast essay and it is comparing the the Jewish Tanakh and the Christian Bible
This is the solar eclipse path which will pass through HK at around 4:54
Today we went to a Chi Lin Nunnery in Kowloon. We went because we are studying religion. We were supposed to have a guide but one of our teachers filled out the wrong form so we just split into groups to go around a look at the Monestary. We got there and went u and down some stairs to a garden were we were told off by some security guard. Then we split into the groups and went into the building. We saw statues, plants, ponds. When we went inside we could not take pictures or video, which is understandable because they don't want people taking pictures of them praying. My favorite part was when we went to a building with scaled down versions of architecture from some dynasties.
My goal is to write more blog posts and increase there length. I'm going to start trying to post a new blog everyday, like posting about vacations, events, interviews for my documentary and so on.